Remember Us

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Samara Hutman



Personalized Materials

Please use the form below to request personalized materials for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

There is no charge for these materials. Voluntary donations sustain and continue Remember Us. Please consider donating if you would like to help support our program.


Limud: Teaching

A personalized tri-fold brochure that honors and explains your child's commitment to participate in Remember Us. It explains to your bar/bat mitzvah guests the vital role that remembrance plays in Jewish life and your child's willing acceptance of this legacy. Please order one month in advance.

Suggested Donation: $54 per 100 printed and folded, $36 pdf file only (do your own printing/folding)

Kavod: Honoring

A personalized color certificate that acknowledges your child's role as a guardian of Jewish memory. The certificate includes the name of the bar/bat mitzvah, the remembered child's name, date and location of the bar/bat mitzvah.

Suggested Donation: $36